Reformation Principles


TRUTH - Sufficiency of Scripture

The church needs to be committed to the sufficiency of Scripture as they 'are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.' It is the only thing we need to know the way to salvation and the way of obedience to God.


DEVOTION - Communion With God

Intercessory Prayer and personal devotion to God is necessary for a reformation in our hearts and in our cities. Our churches are weak and we cannot seem to defeat our sins because we are not in communion with God.


SEPARATION - Purity of the Church

The church must be distinctly separate from the world, though it is in the world. Though, there will be lost people interspersed within a local church, yet we should not try to entertain the goats while starving the sheep.


FAITH - Believing Members

The work of the Holy Spirit in Regeneration is necessary within a church to produce true faithful members. The goal is to not to be puffed up with our knowledge and to boast in it, but to use our knowledge for doing good.


"Semper Reformanda"